GLOBAL. Renault Trucks Makes First Battery-Electric Delivery Outside Europe, Lands Milestone in Latin America

Renault Trucks has achieved a significant milestone by delivering its first battery-powered electric trucks outside of Europe. Three units of the Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide, each weighing 26 tons, have been handed over to Trailer Logistics, a Chilean transport company.

These trucks will operate on behalf of CCU, a brewery company under the Heineken and Quiñenco Group, marking Renault Trucks' entry into the Latin American market.

The Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide electric trucks are tailored for beverage logistics, covering approximately 100 kilometers daily across various delivery points in Santiago and its environs. Powered by a 264 kWh battery, these vehicles recharge overnight at charging stations located at CCU's NPR distribution center in Renca.

Renault Trucks facilitated this deployment by analyzing logistics schedules, optimizing routes, and assisting in infrastructure selection and charging point installation.

Cyril Barillé, Vice President for Africa, Latin America, and Asia regions at Renault Trucks, expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort behind this initiative, stating, “The realization of this project is the result of the close collaboration between Trailer Logistics, the CCU brewery group, the Chilean electricity supplier Enel X, Salfa, and the Renault Trucks teams. I would like to thank them for their trust and commitment.”

Since 2020, Renault Trucks has been producing electric trucks as standard at its French plants, with previous deliveries limited to European markets. Recently, the company secured an order from Transgourmet Germany for ten E-Tech D Wide electric trucks. The delivery to CCU marks Renault Trucks' first customer transaction in Latin America, underscoring its expansion into global electric vehicle markets.