UK. Osprey Charging Announces Scotland’s Largest Ultra-Rapid EV Charging Hub in Paisley

Osprey Charging has unveiled plans to construct the largest public ultra-rapid charging hub in Scotland, located in Paisley. The hub, featuring 16 300kW public charge points, will be a pivotal addition to the country's EV infrastructure.

The charge point operator has secured a freehold site near the Phoenix Retail Park, strategically positioned just off the A737 and a short drive from Scotland's busiest motorway, the M8. This location is expected to provide convenient access for drivers across Scotland, offering rapid and high-quality EV charging services.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “We're hugely excited to have completed the purchase of the land for our forthcoming 16-charger ultra-rapid hub in Paisley, which marks our second freehold site in the UK. The purchase of freehold sites is an important strategy for Osprey, as it enables us to build larger public charging locations with greater flexibility over their design.”

The Paisley hub will not only serve as a vital support for the increasing adoption of EVs in Scotland but also contribute to meeting the rising demand for reliable and accessible EV charging solutions across the UK. Osprey Charging aims to complete 30 hubs by the end of the year, a significant milestone in the advancement of its network and the broader public EV charging infrastructure.

Osprey Charging's network already includes over 1,000 rapid and ultra-rapid chargers across the UK, renowned for their 99% reliability rate. The company's commitment to providing a straightforward charging experience has earned it recognition as a ‘Driver Recommended Network' by Zap Map for the fourth consecutive time.

The Paisley hub's strategic location near various amenities, including the Showcase Cinema and McDonald's drive-thru, will offer drivers a convenient and enjoyable experience while recharging their EVs. Osprey Charging expects to announce further site acquisitions throughout the summer, expanding its network to serve more communities across the UK.