Carsharing services, as well as other car market actors, have started adding EVs to their fleets. However, that is not so easy to do, due to the specific operational nature of such services. Time-consuming charging of EVs is inexpedient for carsharing services, as waiting time skims money from the business.

Besides, this is a logistically-tricky service, which also poses a challenge. Drivers may park their electric vehicles at any point not equipped with charging stations. Whereas establishing the dedicated areas for drivers to leave rented EVs would significantly hinder their mobility and, as consequence, make them abandon the service.
Eventually, the advantages of introduction of EVs against ICEV, such as tax benefits and cheaper charging, are negated by the inconvenience and unsuitability of the charging infrastructure. L-Charge is able to solve these problems of carsharing services.

Our mobile charging devices can charge carsharing EVs at night-time when demand for both carsharing service and our charging is lower.
And we can do it on the jump. Moreover, charging at our mobile stations is significantly cheaper than refueling.


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