Despite vigorous development of EV market, even EV charging infrastructure developers tend to face problems. Infrastructure developers have to stay in sync with the constantly changing requirements and standards imposed by the state. Moreover, users' ever-growing demands are no less crucial.
They wish they could charge vehicles in a cheaper, more environmentally friendly and simpler way. Solutions offered by L-Charge would allow infrastructure developers, apart from keeping up with the rapidly-changing EV world, stand out from their competitors appreciably. No power connection is needed for the company's charging stations, which makes using them, compared to clones, easier and cheaper. Also, independence from power grid allows charging your electric vehicle even at power outages.

L-Charge offers multi-fuel charges running both on LNG and hydrogen, which makes them environmentally safe. Ultimately, by using our company's solutions, developers will be able to make their competitive advantages even more attractive for would-be buyers: providing fast charging for several cars at once, supporting the environmental initiatives, saving.


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