OIL and Gas builders and suppliers also tend to focus their attention on EV industry. After all, the number of EVs is rapidly growing, while the number of ICE cars will be dropping, reducing the demand for gasoline and diesel.

Relatively soon we will see car makers abandoning manufacture of ICE cars. Which will ultimately result in decline in earnings of OIL and Gas builders from unsold fuel. In addition, eco-activists will intensify their criticism, the image of OIL and Gas companies becoming less and less attractive. Installation of L-Charge EV-charging stations at gas terminals would, apart from expanding the range of services, also allow charging the EVs at own gas stations as quickly and ecofriendly as possible.

Also, the multi-fuel capacity of L–Charge EV-charging stations would allow using both ordinary LNG, the basic product of Gas suppliers, and also bio LNG, the type of fuel gaining popularity and trending potential. Eventually, using L-Charge solutions, OIL and Gas builders and suppliers will be able to divert their efforts to the "green" agenda, thus gaining positive PR.


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