Accelerate your electrification!

Fast and reliable charging for commercial fleets

EV truck sales are growing almost 300% per year, but charging options are not keeping pace

L-Charge delivers turnkey commercial fleet charging as a service without the cost and time of a grid connection

Movable and scalable charging stations equipped to deliver 180kW+ charging

Reliable, grid-independent charging is always available

Competitive pricing per kWh via clean, renewable fuels

Transitioning your fleet to electric is a big investment
but your charging infrastructure doesn’t have to be.

L-Charge provides grid independent, ultra-fast EV charging solutions that grow with your fleet and help you retain capital.

L- Charge’s movable EV charging stations can accommodate any type of EV and range from 300kW to 2MW.

As your charging needs grow,
L-Charge can deploy new stations to grow with you.





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EV fleet operators/owners

EV fleet operators/owners

When your business relies on your fleet operating at full capacity, any downtime is a loss. That's why Charging as a Service from L-Charge is the solution that will get your vehicles back on the road.

Logistics companies
Automakers and OEMs
Car sharing services
Vehicle rental services
Taxi services
Port authorities


Fast Implementation / Highly reliable / Flexible and scalable
Cost effective / Made for the unique demands of fleets

With our Charge as a Service model, we provide an ultra-fast turnkey charging solution that is clean, grid independent and requires no capital investment.

A diverse product range from 300kW to 2MW allows us to provide you with a service tailored to your needs. Our solution is stackable to future proof your operations.

We rapidly deploy new charging stations and are adaptable to your growing needs. Once manufactured, station installations can be commissioned at your site in just a few days.

Engineered for Autonomy,
L-Charge’s charging stations ensure robust reliability, offering consistent, grid-free operation to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Our software provides you with seamless control and management of the charging process.

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