FAQ – Products

What makes us unique?

We’re ultra-fast

Approximately 82% of charging points in the UK are “slow” (3-6kW) or “fast” (7-22kW – still slow). The issue with AC charge points, is that it takes hours to charge a car from 20% to 80% full.

Our mobile charging unit can deliver an output charge of 130 kW, our fixed units vary in size from 300kWh to 2000kWh as a result, we can charge vehicles at the maximum charging speed that they are able to accept.

We’re grid-independent (Off-grid)

L-Charge has developed mini-power plants that use clean fuels to generate electricity in fixed locations and on the go. Our solution can be deployed very quickly and works especially well in locations where grid supply is constrained.

We have both fixed and mobile charging units

Our mobile charging units will deliver quick, efficient and eco-friendly charges wherever they are located. We plan to launch our mobile service across London in September 2022.

Our network of fixed charging stations will be rolled out in key public locations around the UK in December 2022. These units are scalable and operate completely off-grid, allowing for swift deployment to enhance the charging facilities across urban hubs and rural locations.

We will become a one-stop shop to serve all EV owners needs in the future.

L-Charge have developed a mobile app that will serve as the interface for the entire ecosystem, serving EV owners with a host of services, starting with electric vehicle charging and gradually increasing with other onsite and partner value additions.

How do these “mini-power plants” work?

Our solutions generate and store electricity in a battery energy storage solution to enable ultra-fast charging.


We use the cleanest available fuels to generate electricity, in addition to this, we are also planning to develop a solution that uses renewable energy sources.

What is the price of the kW generated by L-Charge versus the competition?

It’s our aim to monitor costs and ensure that L-Charge has the competitive edge when it comes to cost per kWh, compared to costs with conventional EV charging point providers.

*The cost of 1kWh via the mobile charging unit will be higher than that of a fixed charging unit due to the service we offer.


FAQ – Company

Can you tell us more about the L-Charge group?

L-Charge is a recent start-up however we have big ambitions to rapidly scale growth in the UK, Europe and the US. We have also received significant interest from some emerging countries and will be launching in the Middle East soon to meet the demand. L-Charge was founded by Dmitry Lashin, who sourced the technology and know-how from his experiences internationally and decided that it held great potential to support and meet critical needs all around the world.

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