The L-Charge fixed charger is an off-grid modular solution that is multifuel enabled to function as an autonomous mini-power plant. Unlike regular on-street chargers, our fixed chargers don’t need a grid connection – they produce electricity via a generator installed onboard. The charging units use LNG/ Hydrogen, or a mixture of both, and only require replenishing once a week.

The power generated ranges from 300 kW to 2000 kW, which significantly reduces the time spent on charging. It's designed to satisfy market demand for fast, high-powered charging and is key to increasing the acceptance of e-mobility.

Increase the capacity of your existing infrastructure with the L-Charge Power Booster. An ideal first step into the EV charging industry, the Power Booster increases your charging station by up to 120 kWh – while using only 22kWh incoming power. This is possible thanks to the booster's internal power station and power bank. Plus, it can power your station up to five times.

​The L-Charge mobile charger is an off-grid, van-based solution that's multifuel enabled – allowing it to function as an autonomous mini-power plant. This mobile charger doesn’t need a grid connection or a regular change of batteries – it produces electricity via a generator installed on board. It uses LNG/Hydrogen, or a mixture of both, and only requires refuelling once a week.



We produce electricity inside our chargers.


We rapidly deploy new charging stations and are adaptable to your growing needs. Once manufactured, station installations can be commissioned at your site in just a few days.


With our Charge as a Service model, we provide an ultra-fast turnkey charging solution that is clean, grid independent and requires no capital investment.


Our software provides you with seamless control and management of the charging process.


A diverse product range from 300 kW to 2 MW allows us to provide you with a service tailored to your needs. Our solution is stackable to future proof your operations.




L-Charge is revolutionising EV charging and its infrastructure.

We've solved the biggest problem facing EV owners – the lack of ultra-fast charging points – with our rapidly scalable off-grid, ultra-fast chargers powered by clean fuels. The new breed of EVs can upload 400km of range in 10 minutes and we can give it to them!

We design, build, maintain and operate 150–2000kW EV charging points by building a network similar to traditional gas/petrol stations. With over 12 years of experience as a systems integrator, we have the data, know-how and resources to successfully realise our goals.


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