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Tailored Charging Solutions for Unique Fleet Needs

At L-Charge, we recognize that every fleet has distinct requirements. Inform us about your daily kilowatt consumption, and the number of vehicles you need to charge and our experts will devise a customized charging strategy that seamlessly integrates with your operations. Our service is designed to be adaptable, efficiently scaling to support both small and large fleets, ensuring your vehicles are consistently charged and ready for action.

Simplified Setup,
No Grid Dependence

Eliminate the complexities associated with traditional charging installations. L-Charge provides a comprehensive, ready-to-implement charging service that doesn’t require any initial infrastructure investment. Our state-of-the-art charging stations are prepared for immediate deployment to any location, ensuring a swift setup without the constraints of construction timelines or grid connectivity.

Innovative Technology, Developed In-House

Leveraging more than two decades of research and development in electricity generation, L-Charge has engineered unique, high-powered charging stations that operate independent of the grid. Our direct control over manufacturing allows us to swiftly tailor our solutions to meet specific market demands, guaranteeing superior quality that reliably powers your fleet.

Charging stations

Our products are our absolute pride! The foundation of L-Charge charging stations is technology that has resulted from 20 years of experience in electrical engineering and programming. Each station acts as a power generator, ensuring complete independence from existing utilities.

After thoroughly studying the real needs of commercial EV fleets, we have developed a product line that optimally meets the demands of EV fleet operators. All our stations are movable, and we also offer mobile stations for quick or short-term solutions.

Our range includes models with capacities from 150kw to 2MW to meet the needs of fleets of different sizes.

Each station runs on natural gas: Renewable Natural Gas, CNG, LNG, or a mix—gas choice is determined by regional specifics. Additionally, the technology is fully ready for hydrogen use, to make electricity generation completely green.
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Lower Energy


Enjoy significantly lower energy costs per kilowatt-hour compared to standard rates. Our efficient technology ensures you save more, keeping operating costs manageable as you transition to a green fleet.

Rapid Deployment


Deploy our charging solutions in just six months—far quicker than the typical 2-3 years required for grid-connected systems. This accelerated timeline ensures your fleet isn’t left waiting and can transition to electric power without delay.



Power up with ultra-fast charging speeds of up to 360 kW. Minimize downtime and maximize fleet availability with high-speed charging that gets your vehicles back on the road faster than ever.

Customizable Configurations


Each fleet has unique needs, and our charging solutions are designed to meet them. We offer customizable configurations that can be tailored to fit any operational requirement, providing true flexibility in your charging infrastructure.

Permission-Free Temporary Energy Production


Deploy temporary charging solutions quickly without the need for lengthy permissions. Our 12-month energy production option provides a rapid, compliant solution while you plan for long-term infrastructure.

Future-Proof Hydrogen Compatibility


Prepare for the future with hydrogen-ready charging solutions. Our stations are designed to adapt to hydrogen fuel technology, ensuring your infrastructure investment is long-lasting and versatile.

Zero Capex Option


Implement our charging solutions without any capital expenditure. Opt for a service model that allows you to enjoy the benefits of advanced charging technology with minimal financial entry barriers, enhancing cash flow and reducing financial strain.

Simple Steps to Start Using the Service


Calculate your  anticipated daily Consumption  (plans start at 1800kWh/day).


Identify a location for setting up the charging hub — no grid connection required (see our tips for choosing a location).


Determine the number of charging points and configure your ideal system and plan with L-Charge


Start charging your fleet!

L-CHARGE’s technology: Not a battery bank

Distributed power generation system with high efficiency and reliable high-speed charging in the DC range from 300-1000V.
Up to 2000kW.



Integrated software gives complete visibility into charging station utilization.

  • Mobile web app allows drivers to initiate a charge
  • Charging sessions are tracked by vehicle with data available via API
  • for ingestion into fleet management software
  • Complete visibility into all fleet charging activities

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