Mobile charging station for electric cars L-Charge is now available in Barcelona


Free charging for electric cars in Barcelona on October 12-13!Come to charge your EV and to meet the first mobile EV charger.


12th October:

For now: Museu d'Historia de Catalunya In Barceloneta.


13th October:

Sir Victor Hotel.


Dan +7 (926) 423 8262

Please call or write via WhatsApp for rapid communication on the charger location.

The ultra-fast charging station can be called through the Telegram bot on October 12 or come to the charging station on October 13 at the Hotel Sir Victor. L-Charge will charge all electric car owners free of charge for two days.

There are already several services in the world that provide charging calls for electric cars, but they all charge slower. The advantage of L-Charge is that their charger is a mobile mini power station and can therefore charge any electric car in 10-20 minutes. The charger uses liquefied gas or hydrogen to generate power. One mobile L-Charge station can charge 40 electric cars per day.

«A huge part of the emissions that pollute our cities come from cars. It is necessary to convert private and commercial vehicles to electricity to significantly reduce harmful emissions. However, an essential problem still separates us from the massive transition to EV - the underdeveloped charging infrastructure. It is possible to solve this problem quickly by deploying an off-grid network of charging stations”- Dmitry Lashin, CEO of L-Charge.

Earlier L-Charge launched a mobile charging station operating on gas for test operation in Moscow, planning a transition to hydrogen electricity generation. A mobile station is a truck with a set of equipment installed on board that operates on the principle of a gas power plant. The ultra-fast charging station can be called up via the mobile app and charge the electric car for 100 km in just 5-10 minutes. Converting charging stations to generate electricity on hydrogen could help to achieve zero CO2 emissions. That will make the generation of electricity for off grid charging stations 100% environmentally friendly.

As part of the trial tests, the charging service will operate in October in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam. This is how the company intends to assess the level of demand for the service.