BELGIUM. Interparking adds 700 charging points to car parks at Brussels Airport

“The installation of these charging stations is an important investment to meet the needs of passengers and staff,” says Interparking. A total of 500 new AC charging stations for passengers will be installed in car parks P1 and P3. A further 200 will also be located in P1, specifically for airport employees. This step will increase the total number of car parks equipped with charging facilities to 750.

The car parks with charging points will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. “Optimized for long-term parking, these slow-charge stations are a perfect match for cars that are left stationary for multiple days or weeks while the owner is traveling. There are no additional fees for parking at these charging stations even after the charging process is complete,” Interparking wrote on its website. The charging process itself can be activated with “any charging card”.

However, none of the new charging stations are yet in operation. The Interparking team is currently finalising the cabling and technical installation. However, the 700 new charging stations have been gradually put into operation since the beginning of this month. The company has not announced when this process will be completed.

Interparking offers more than 13,000 parking spaces at the airport. However, once fully operational, the proportion of electrified parking spaces would only be just under six per cent – which is still far above what many other airports currently have to offer.

However, the company is not only pushing ahead with the development of charging infrastructure at Brussels Airport. This is just a fraction of Interparking’s ambitious project to drive forward the comprehensive introduction of charging stations in Belgium and the eight other European countries in which the company operates. No further details are given.

For Brussels Airport itself, the development of the charging infrastructure is just one element of its commitment to making the airport more sustainable. “All our passengers are already transported on tarmac in electric busses and we are fully electrifying our own company fleet,” says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport. Since 2022, only electric company cars have been procured. The aim is to gradually make the entire company car fleet fully electric by the end of 2025.