CANADA. CCV: Flexible Payment Solutions for Charging Stations

From the Mifare card to customised app solutions, EV charging stations accept a variety of payment options. However, simply paying by card is not always possible. Thanks to the digital and compact terminal solutions by international payment service provider CCV, charging station operators can accept all common payment methods.

With CCV Edge IM15 and CCV IM30, CCV offers terminals for both open and closed loop payment solutions. This means that operators can accept membership cards and their own apps as well as regular card payments and payments via QR code. The terminals, which are equipped with colour touchscreens, support chargers with both a single or multiple ports. For the latter, EV drivers can verify their identity using their payment card and select their preferred charging station in the kiosk mode. Once charging and payment are completed, the e-receipt will become available via a QR code on the display.

Due to its compact size, the CCV Edge IM15 can be integrated into the charging pole in a particularly space-saving manner – either in portrait or landscape format. The IM15 also exists in a portrait flush variant which can be integrated into the charging pole for a seamless design. Contactless payments are accepted via a contactless reader in the 3.5-inch display. Should a PIN be requested, it can be entered directly via the display thanks to the PIN-on-glass feature. If desired, an additional chip card reader can also be built into the charging station.

The CCV IM30 is equipped with a 5-inch display and a magnetic stripe and chip card reader. In addition to this, it also contains a contactless reader. The PIN is also entered directly via the display.

The IM30 offers charging station operators more than just a payment terminal. It is Android-based and can be customised for use. Apps, such as checkout or customer rating applications, can be made available individually via the terminal. It is also possible to integrate individual branding and loyalty programs or to display targeted advertising. Operators can commission it remotely and change settings as well as monitor transactions and revenues.

But CCV’s service does not end once the terminal has been supplied. Charging station operators can obtain the terminal, software, processing and acquiring from one single source.