Charge your EV Car with 50% discount: revolutionary first ultra-fast EV-charging service calls EV-users to charge in Amsterdam

We believe that the future is going to be electric and are fascinated with the progress, that the Amsterdam achieved in shifting to electric vehicles. That’s why to celebrate the progress company calls future partners and customers to join is service during the discount period. From 6th to 19th January register your interest via a form and try super-fast charging at the city center with charging price of only 80 euro cents per kWt of charging.

In a big city time is precious. That’s why we at L-Charge came up with a green and grid-independent solution that can be called when needed via the App, in the same manner as a taxi. Our mobile charging van incorporates a mini-power station onboard that uses clean fuels to produce electricity.

L-Charge solutions remove the main obstacle for EV-owners – lack of supercharging infrastructure and offer companies from key sectors, including leisure and hospitality, retail, car manufacturing, vehicle rentals, and fleet management unique advantages of joining new ultra-fast charging market, while advancing their cost-effectiveness, resilience, and the ability to significantly enhance sustainability credentials.

To try out ultra-fast charging and fill in the online form on our website to get your charge at time, reserved especially for you: