CHINA. GM joint venture in China plugs into Nio’s charging network

EV owners of SAIC-GM's Cadillac and Buick brands will be able to use Nio's charging piles through their mobile apps.

General Motors' China joint venture SAIC-GM has plugged into Nio's (NYSE: NIO) charging network, becoming the latest after Geely and Jiyue.

SAIC-GM and Nio have entered into a charging partnership that will see more than 10,000 Nio charging terminals join SAIC-GM's Ultium energy replenishment network, the automaker announced today.

Owners of SAIC-GM's Cadillac and Buick brands of electric vehicles (EVs) will be able to use Nio's charging piles through their mobile apps.

Cadillac and Buick EV owners will be able to view the location, price of Nio's charging piles in real time on their apps' charging maps.

Separately, Nio said in its statement that its energy arm Nio Power has entered into a partnership with SAIC-GM on charging network connectivity that will allow owners of Cadillac and Buick-branded EV models to enjoy better charging services.

Nio is the car brand with the highest number of charging posts among car companies in China and the most in highway service areas, it said.

As of now, Nio has 2,204 supercharging stations in China, offering 10,056 charging piles, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

The EV maker has 364 charging stations in highway service areas, providing 1,422 charging posts.

It also has 1,563 destination charging stations offering 11,856 charging piles.

Nio's signature battery swap stations currently number 2,402, including 790 along highways.

Nio's charging network has always been open to other brands of EVs, with around 80 percent of the power provided being used by non-Nio models. The direct collaboration between other car companies and Nio helps provide a better charging experience.

On March 27, Nio announced that its subsidiary Nio Power had entered into a partnership with Geely Automobile Holdings on charging network connectivity.

Vehicles from Geely brands including the Geely Galaxy and Geometry series, as well as other brands under the Geely Holding umbrella including Lynk & Co, Zeekr, Polestar, and Smart will be able to use Nio's charging piles in their apps' charging maps.

On April 3, Jiyue, an EV manufacturer built by Baidu in partnership with Geely Holding Group, announced a charging network interconnection partnership with Nio.