DENMARK. Danish FLEXeCHARGE accelerates green mobility with seven-figure investment in advanced EV charging solutions

FLEXeCHARGE, based in Copenhagen, recently received a significant amount of funding from notable venture capital firms like Greencode Ventures, Link Capital, and Vireo Ventures. The company specializes in advanced energy management solutions for electric vehicle charging, aiming to seamlessly integrate EV charging infrastructure with the power grid for a more efficient and sustainable future. The funding will be utilized by FLEXeCHARGE to enhance their smart charging platform, enabling improvements in infrastructure analytics, integration of stationary batteries, and the provision of charge point intelligence for more efficient and cost-effective EV charging solutions.

FLEXeCHARGE focuses on advancing solutions for managing energy loads in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. They addresses the challenges posed to energy grids by the increasing adoption of EVs. By developing innovative technology and software, FLEXeCHARGE aims to create more efficient and sustainable charging systems, mitigating strain on the power grid while promoting the integration of renewable energy sources. The company’s efforts are directed towards enhancing the functionality and intelligence of charging platforms to facilitate a seamless transition towards greener transportation solutions.

Max Brandt, CEO of FLEXeCHARGE, reflects on this achievement, “We see ourselves as the conductors of the e-mobility transition, addressing the critical challenge of energy grid capacity in an era of increasing renewable energy and EV market share.”

Manuel Heckmann of Greencode Ventures shares, “FLEXeCHARGE’s unique positioning with its advanced intelligent platform and solid customer base makes it a standout in the industry.”

Christian Rangen of Link Capital echoes this sentiment, “We are excited to back a company that is poised to lead in the energy and load management space.”

Thomas Labryga of Vireo Ventures adds, “Their technologically advanced product efficiently addresses a tangible problem in the charging industry, and we are proud to support their journey.”

“We will be able to enhance our smart charging platform, elevating it to the next level by providing charge point intelligence for Charge Point Operators (CPOs). This enhancement includes infrastructure power flow analytics, leading to projections of power demand and flexibility based on these analytics. Consequently, our customers will be able to participate in Frequency Response Control (FCR) Services and Energy Exchange, and offer time-of-use-based tariffs. We will be the first to release a charge scheduler capable of managing multiple EVs, scheduling EV charging in accordance with Frequency Response Bids and dynamic energy tariffs,” says Robert Brehm, Chief Technology Officer of FLEXaCHARGE.

“We will further extend our hardware interfaces to allow for richer system integration options. Our specific focus will be on the integration of stationary batteries, which we see as a crucial component of charging infrastructures for buffering peak loads at grid connection points. Finally, for our Charging Solutions Providers customer segment, we will offer analytics to trace the performance and cost efficiency of our smart charging solutions.”