Einride and Voltera open large electric truck charging park near LA

The Swedish service provider Einride, specialising in electric transport, has opened its first “Smartcharger Station” in the US with its infrastructure partner Voltera. According to the companies, the location in Lynwood, California, is North America’s largest operational charging station for heavy-duty electric trucks.

The charging park in Lynwood is located near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which are hugely important freight routes in California. Countless transports are handled via these two ports, and various projects are increasingly using electric trucks. Specifically, Einride states that 29 per cent of international container shipping trade in the US is handled via Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Einride and Voltera have installed 65 chargers in Lynwood. That means that the facility can charge up to 200 vehicles per day – and, according to the partners, will be the “largest operational charging site for electric heavy-duty freight in North America.” However, it is not open to the public, just to Einride customers – in California, for example, the shipping company Möller-Maersk. Einride’s BYD electric trucks have been on the road for Maersk since 2022.

It is essential for Einride customers that the charging park is integrated into the Einride operating system Saga. The integration enables Einride to provide its customers with real-time updates on demand, location, timing and utilisation of the charging infrastructure, “unlocking scalable efficiencies,” according to the press release.

However, the images show that only tractor units can easily access the covered charging bays. There isn’t room for combinations with long trailers. For drivers, there will be a “lounge complete with key amenities as well as providing information such as charge status, remaining time, power output and performance.”

“The launch of Einride’s first Smartcharger Station in the US marks a momentous stride in establishing digital, electric freight as an important enabler to a more resilient US freight system,” says Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride. “This facility will enable a key region to fast track to electric, given its proximity to the Port of LA, one of the world’s busiest container ports and a driver of the US economy.”

“Our team was able to get Einride’s Lynwood site permitted, built, energised and operational in under 18 months—in the world of charging infrastructure, that’s pretty remarkable,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera. “Our team learned a lot from this project that will help inform and guide our continued build-out of zero-emission vehicle infrastructure nationwide.”