EV fastcharging is the quickest way to add more miles to your car

But at the same time, fast charging gets a bad rap due to concerns that it's worse for the long-term health of the battery.

So, should you avoid EV fast chargers in favour of slower, more time-consuming recharge sessions? The simple answer is that fast charging’s effect on your battery health will depend on what kind of car you have, and what sort of thermal management system the manufacturer included. EV models with NMC batteries have DC charging power limits that prevent the C-rate from going much above 1C. Even without power limits set by battery management systems, none of these EVs come close to exceeding 1C whilst using fast chargers.

For fast and ultra-fast charging, the exceedance is minimal due to the power limits. Meanwhile, NMC-type batteries could be damaged by ultra-fast charging, but the Battery Management Systems of the 10 most popular EVs in the UK effectively stops this. Good news – you can charge your car without worrying.