FRANCE. Burger King Partners with Allego to Expand High-Power Charger Network in France

Burger King has announced Allego as its preferred partner to drive the installation of high-power chargers at existing and future locations throughout France over the next three years. The first fast chargers are set to go into operation in the third quarter of 2024.

Details regarding the number of charging points at each location or the total number of charging points Allego will install remain unclear. This is contingent on various factors, including the consent of different landowners.

The partnership aims to deploy a substantial number of ultra-fast charge points across Burger King's locations in France, significantly expanding the country's charging network from the current 190 fast chargers.

Allego is also expanding the charging infrastructure in France through additional partnerships. It plans to install no fewer than 4,000 charging points at 400 Carrefour locations. Additionally, charging points will be installed at Pathé cinemas, Klepierre shopping centers, and other locations across the country.

Mathieu Bonnet, Chief Executive Officer of Allego, emphasized the need for swift deployment of high-power chargers in locations convenient for drivers, stating, “This sort of growth cannot be achieved alone, so we must work with like-minded partners to support the considerable change brought by e-mobility. Through this partnership, we can make charging more accessible and enjoyable so drivers can travel with ever greater ease. Allego is reinforcing its position as one of the leading ultra-fast charging networks in France.”

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