GERMANY. With “Connected Home Charging”, solar- and load-optimized charging at home for all electric BMW and MINI

Munich. The BMW Group and E.ON join forces to integrate the electric vehicle into the home and into the smart energy system of the Future.

As a first step, strategic cooperation will enable the Setting up a charging ecosystem at customers’ homes, which BMW and MINI vehicles intelligently and automatically into the home PV system and consumers in the building. The order of the “Connected Home Charging” package can be used for all electric BMW and MINI Vehicles (BEV+PHEV) via the vehicle configurator on the Internet (; Pilot markets are Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Customers can conveniently obtain all components and services from here one hand.

The core elements are the BMW / MINI Wallbox Plus as an intelligent Charging station, a smart energy module with back-end connection as a basis for the Connected Home Charging Services as well as all Installation work and commissioning and set-up by E.ON.

Settings on the system can be made intuitively via the familiar My BMW app. or MINI App.

Through the digital and Automated control of energy flows will benefit in particular Residents with PV systems benefit from lower charging costs. In addition increase their degree of self-sufficiency, while the optimised use of green energy contributes to climate protection.

The price of the “Connected Home Charging” package for customers in Germany depending on the installation effort on site from €1,769 included VAT. After the third year of use, the smart systems can be functions can be extended via the BMW / MINI ConnectedDrive Store.

Also for all BMW vehicles delivered before April 2024 i4, i5, i7, iX1, iX2, iX3, iX, MINI Cooper SE, MINI Countryman SE and All BMW / MINI plug-in hybrids can be ordered via BMW / MINI dealers. order process can be initiated house, PV system and e-car as a common Energy Ecosystem

With the Connected Home Charging Package from BMW and E.ON, PV system owners, for example, so-called solar surplus charging benefit. This means that the electric car can be charged with the self-produced Energy from the roof.

“Together with E.ON, we are making the car a decisive element of the smart home, at the heart of which is the electric cars from BMW and MINI. This brings balance to the private energy ecosystem and thus reduced energy costs for our customers, as well as an improved carbon footprint through the optimised use of green energy. In addition, the cooperation with us in the future, intelligent integration into the energy market,” says Dominik Becks, Head of New Business Areas for Energy services at the BMW Group.

“Because green driving doesn’t work without green charging, I’m pleased I am convinced that, together with BMW, we will not only be able to energy management, but also solar charging for drivers and drivers of electric BMWs and MINIs. In this way, the E-mobilists decide whether they prefer to use their own solar power want to load. In Germany, according to our survey, 67 percent of e-car drivers who own their own home have a solar system. Accordingly we are convinced that our joint Connected Home Charging solution provides many people with added value for even more efficient energy consumption,” says Mathias Wiecher, CCO of E.ON Drive.

Joint implementation of bidirectional charging

As part of the cooperation between BMW and E.ON, other applications. This also includes the cost-optimized store, where customers can find out about daily price developments on the electricity market, in order to be able to take advantage of the Cheap to charge.

With the BMW New Class from 2025, the Connected Home Charging is also offered by bidirectional operating modes. [here click for more information]

This enables customers to use the high-voltage battery of the electric vehicle as storage and to use the stored electricity later fed back into the grid or in one’s own household. benefit. Here, both partners can also draw on the results of joint Research projects on bidirectional charging with a fleet of BMW i3

BMW / MINI Charging: On-the-go charging with convenience, transparency and high network coverage.

In addition to intelligent solutions for home charging, customers can also Rely on convenient solutions from BMW / MINI Charging

on the go. The main advantage is the attractive Kilowatt-hour prices for AC and DC charging in the Active tariff in Europe, regardless of the charging infrastructure operator and regardless of the price displayed at the charging station.

The High Power Charging Network of the BMW Group subsidiary IONITY is also integrated into the BMW Charging Network.

With only BMW / MINI Charging offers one-time registration in Europe alone Access to more than 588,000 public charging points in 29 countries. With coverage of more than 95 percent of all public transport When it comes to charging networks, BMW / MINI Charging is one of the top providers.

Worldwide, BMW / MINI Charging customers have access to more than two millions of charging points, in cooperation with international partners.

The Multi Contract is groundbreaking and unique in this regard Function. Customers can order up to five individual Plug & Charge capable traction current contracts from various providers digitally in the Deposit vehicle. The data used for charging and billing required authentication is carried out automatically at compatible charging points.