GLOBAL. Smart opens its first own charging park with 480 kW charger

Smart opened its first own charging park in Shanghai/China this week. The smart charging stations already use 800 volt technology for this purpose and have an output of 480 kW. Further smart-owned charging stations in China are being planned.

The first in-house charging park of smart is located in Shanghai at the region’s own largest smart center. For this purpose, 480 kW charging stations are used with the support of 800 volt charging technology. The columns with China’s own charging plug can deliver 600 – and even 700 A in the short term. At best, almost 400 kilometers can be recharged in just eight minutes, provided that the appropriate charging technology is already supported by an electric car.

With the introduction of charging stations with 800 volt technology, smart could already be preparing for a possible new 800 volt architecture for the upcoming smart #5. In contrast to the smart #3 with PMA1+ and 5 volt charging technology, the smart #2 and smart #800 models are still based on the SEA platform and 400 volts.

Parallel to the launch of the charging park in Shanghai, smart has also announced the delivery of 70,000 smart #1 and smart #3 vehicles since the market launch. According to the brand, this makes it the leader in the domestic market in terms of annual sales, but in terms of sales figures, it is still a long way from reaching the annual sales of the old generation smart fortwo and forfour in its best times.