Is the future electric?

On our blog, we often discuss the future of electric cars and how EVs are going to gain a bigger role in the automotive industry – and we stand by that claim! More electric cars on the road will not only result in a decrease in gas emissions, but they're also a great alternative to diesel cars. Unaffected by oil prices, EVs can rightfully be labelled as the "transport of the future". But the need for infrastructure raises a burning question – can we really transform infrastructure across the whole world to meet the needs of electric car owners?

For some, the idea of electric vehicles taking over the automotive industry seems far too optimistic (after all, the EV market is relatively new). But as the number of EVs on the road continues to rise, the idea of electric cars taking over the automotive industry doesn't seem so unrealistic. Top CEOs in a number of industries are starting to speak up about the future of electric cars. From their perspective, the future for EV owners is bright.

Darren Woods, CEO of Exxon Mobil, made a notable comment on the topic. In an interview, he claimed that by 2040, all passenger cars sold around the world will be electric. Although we're already implementing new charging solutions and infrastructure to match the rapidly developing EV market, this won't be enough to cope with an entire planet of electric cars. To meet the rising demands, we need a lot of energy – and a lot of creative and fast-charging solutions.

At L-Charge, we provide fast, off-grid charging solutions that are both quick and mobile. The Power Booster, which we mentioned in our previous blog post, is a great example. Easy to install wherever there's a grid connection, the Power Booster can increase charging stations' power by up to 120 kWh – while using only 22kWh incoming power.

Time is priceless – we understand this and it's why we developed the innovative L-Charge mobile charger. If you run out of battery, just select your preferred location via our app and the charger will come to you. No more waiting for hours at a charging station!

The future is electric. Join us on the journey!