Make slow EV chargers fast again!

What can we do with old charging stations?

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road continues to grow, so does the infrastructure – including EV charging stations. According to data provided by Nissan,the number of EV charging stations in the UK has exceeded the number of conventional fuel stations. But although the higher number of charging stations offers more choice to EV owners,  quantity does not necessarily mean quality.

Increasing demand and the rapid advancement of the electric car market makes it difficult for existing equipment to keep up with current requirements. Newer electric vehicles are adapted for faster charging and “slow” options are becoming less desirable. Simply removing old charging stations for the sake of upgrading them is expensive and inefficient. And besides the need for significant investment, removing old charging stations can be harmful to the environment.

So, what can we do with old charging stations?

A fast and accessible solution to these problems does exist: installing boosting equipment that can increase “slow” chargers from the typical power rating of 4kW–15kW up to 150 kW. We're experts in developing ultra-fast, grid-independent EV charging solutions that are powered by clean fuels (hydrogen, liquid natural gas, or a  blend of the two with compressed natural gas). By installing an L-Charge booster, charging stations can not only deliver super-fast charging to EV drivers, but  also give “slow” charging stations a much-needed update at an affordable cost.