NETHERLANDS. Enter gets largest public charging station for electric trucks

AVIA VOLT and Brink XL will start building the largest public charging station for electric trucks in the Netherlands in April. After completion of the first phase, 6 trucks can load at the same time. Trucks can charge at a maximum power of 400 kilowatts.

The loading plaza will be built in front of the Brink XL building. Currently, this space is still used as a parking space for staff of the transport company that specialises in the distribution of long goods.

‘After extensive discussions and setting up the collaboration with AVIA VOLT, we are proud to finally be able to share this news,’ says Henk Brink of Brink XL. ‘We have had a partnership for years, in which AVIA thinks along with us in making our fuels and fleet more sustainable. The construction of this charging station fits in perfectly with our ambitions in the current energy transition.’

2 phases ‘We are dividing the construction of the charging station into two phases

,’ explains Bart Leussink of AVIA VOLT. “The market for electric trucks will grow in the coming years and with it the need for charging. With this first phase of 6 charging stations, we will be able to meet that need in the near future. The second phase focuses on higher charging speeds, an expansion to a maximum of 10 charging points and integration with own storage and energy generation. The smart control of energy flows will play a central role in this.’

The charging plaza will use a charging solution developed by the Finnish company Kempower, of which AVIA VOLT has been a partner for some time. With this system, the available power can be dynamically distributed among the different vehicles that are being loaded. This makes optimal use of the available power on the power grid, so that users of the charging station can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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