SPAIN. EMT Madrid launches state-of-the-art electric charging station in Carabanchel

EMT Madrid inaugurates a new electric charging station in Carabanchel, representing a significant step in Madrid’s efforts to decarbonise public transportation and enhance electrification.

EMT Madrid has announced that it has taken a significant leap forward in electrification with the unveiling of a state-of-the-art electric charging station at the Carabanchel operations centre, marking a pivotal moment in Madrid’s commitment to decarbonising public transport.

This new charging station, equipped with an inverted pantograph, boasts the capacity to supply power to a remarkable 118 buses, a milestone achievement for Madrid’s transportation infrastructure. With a total of 260 electric charging points now available at the operations centre, Madrid reinforces its position as a pioneer in electrification initiatives.

The installation, constituting the third phase of electrification at the Carabanchel centre, covers an area of approximately 221x25m and is designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Divided into three levels, the infrastructure features cutting-edge technology including innovative fire protection systems, gas detection mechanisms and thermal imaging cameras to ensure safety and minimise environmental impact.

Notably, the charging station incorporates a photovoltaic roof equipped with over 1,000 panels, contributing to a reduction in energy demand. This solar installation covers 10% of the required energy, showcasing Madrid’s commitment to harnessing renewable resources.

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With a focus on smart charging solutions, Madrid’s electric charging station operates through an advanced monitoring system, allowing for optimised charging decisions based on real-time data and algorithms.

The ambitious project, with a total investment budget of 11.3 million euros, underscores Madrid’s determination to embrace sustainable transportation solutions. Financing for the endeavour has been largely secured through European funds, reflecting the city’s alignment with broader environmental objectives.

The Carabanchel operations centre’s transformation highlights the City of Madrid’s broader strategy to decarbonise its transportation sector. As EMT Madrid aims to electrify 25% of its fleet by 2025, similar initiatives are underway across various operations centres in the city. From hydrogen plants to automated charging systems, Madrid is working to create a greener, more sustainable future in urban mobility.