SWEDEN. New downturn for Easee: Swedish authorities do not accept action plan

The Swedish Elsäkerhetsverket still believes that the charging box manufactured by Easee does not meet safety requirements.

On Wednesday, the Swedish Elsäkerhetsverket sent a letter to Easee stating that they have examined the documentation the company has submitted about its electric car chargers, reports Stavanger Aftenblad.

The letter states that the equipment and installation do not meet safety requirements, and that Easee's proposed action plan and measures are not considered sufficient.

Last year, Swedish authorities banned the Ease eHome and Easee Charge charging stations. The reason was that Swedish supervisory authorities believed that the product does not meet basic safety requirements for charging stations.

“The answer is obviously not what we hoped for, but we were prepared for this and are not surprised. The case will also be heard in court in April, and we are prepared to answer the concerns from the Elsäkerhetsverket there, writes press contact Martin Langeland in Easee in an SMS to Stavanger Aftenblad on Thursday evening.

The charging company ran into problems last winter after Swedish authorities banned the company's electric car chargers. The consequences were layoffs, a change of CEO, mass layoffs at a subcontractor and major financial problems.