SWITZERLAND. Easee Home and Easee Charge charging stations: Switzerland approves Easee charging stations

IN BOX? Switzerland has approved Easee’s controversial charging stations. Now Easee hopes that the EU countries, which use similar regulations, follow Switzerland and not Sweden in their conclusions.

Switzerland has now approved Easee’s charging stations. In Sweden, Easee-gate will be decided in April.

27.03.2024 10:02 | Oppdatert 10:18

As is well known, the Swedish Elsäkerhetsverket has made its decision to ban sales in Sweden, on the grounds that the product’s solution for ground fault circuit breaker and welcoming current protection did not meet the requirements.

Later, Easee tested the charging stations and updated the missing technical documentation, without changing the Swedes’ view of the matter.

“Very good news

Due to the sales ban in Sweden, several countries have also chosen to do their own examination of the two boxes Easee Home and Easee Charge.

Switzerland is the first country to approve further sales of Easee charging stations after reviewing the new documentation, writes Easee in a press release today.

Although they are not part of the EU, their regulations are based on EU regulations. It gives hope to Easee that member states will make similar decisions.

– This was very gratifying news and it is a confirmation that the products now have documentation that complies with the authorities’ requirements, says Easee director Erik Færevaag.

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