UK. Car Parks to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Sweden-based charging specialist CTEK has announced a collaboration with APCOA, a leading car park management firm operating across Europe, to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points in key locations throughout the UK. The initiative aims to significantly bolster the nation’s EV infrastructure, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable transport options.

Under this partnership, CTEK will deploy its Chargestorm Connected 3 (CC3) charging stations, capable of bidirectional charging in adherence to the ISO 15118 standard. This feature allows vehicles equipped with compatible technology to not only charge but also potentially supply energy back to the grid, supporting load balancing initiatives.

The initial phase will focus on installations in car parks managed by Hillingdon Council in West London and 37 railway station car parks operated by APCOA for Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). This marks a continuation of APCOA’s commitment to expanding EV charging facilities across the UK, which currently boasts over 1000 EV charge points with plans for an additional 300 installations this year.

APCOA emphasizes the strategic placement of these chargers in high-traffic areas such as rail stations, hospitals, educational institutions, and retail centers, facilitating convenient charging access for EV owners. The company aims to integrate these facilities into its broader digital platform, APCOA Connect, transforming car parks into multifunctional urban hubs that support mobility and logistics.

CTEK, known for its expertise in grid load balancing and interoperable charging solutions, underscores the scalability of its offerings from individual chargers to large-scale corporate installations. The company’s technology aligns with APCOA’s vision to reduce emissions and urban traffic congestion through innovative infrastructure solutions.

Both APCOA and CTEK are positioning themselves at the forefront of sustainable mobility solutions, leveraging advanced technologies to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle users and contribute to environmental stewardship.