US. DoE opens forum to improve EV charging in the USA

Argonne laboratory is leading a task force utilized by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, which funds the National Charging Experience (ChargeX) Consortium. ChargeX currently has three working groups that focus on defining the charging experience, testing reliability and usability, and developing solutions to help improve that experience on a large scale.

The three working groups have already released multiple publications on error codes and payment recommendations to help streamline the charging experience for drivers. Now, the testing methodology task force within the scaling reliability working group is creating frameworks for testing interoperability.

Under the task force, a comprehensive set of tests is to be developed, which have been outlined under 16 distinct testing categories, which will look at both ideal case scenarios, as well as “edge cases”. ChargeX’s testing parameters will help set the standard at interoperability testing events, such as those hosted by CharIN, a global association dedicated to promoting standards in the field of charging systems. CharIN’s North American ​“Testival” and Conference will take place in June in Cleveland, Ohio.

“We work on a concept called vehicle grid integration, making sure that the transportation system — which hopefully in the future will be majority electrified — is integrated properly with the grid operators and the utility systems,” said Daniel Dobrzynski, group manager for grid integration technology at Argonne who oversees the ChargeX Testing Task Force, adding: “For example, what if the credit card reader didn’t work, and they had to try a few different credit cards — or they had to access another function on their phone — and by that time, the system timed out or the vehicle fell asleep?”

“Reliability is the foundation of a positive EV charging experience, and consistent testing is key to ensuring reliability,” said Sarah Hipel, program lead for standards and reliability at the Joint Office. ​”The work of the ChargeX testing task force to identify and specify key testing scenarios will help improve the EV charging experience for drivers today and in the future.”