US. Government Allocates $325 Million for Advancement of EV Technologies, Charger Repair, and Battery Cost Reduction

The United States Departments of Transportation and Energy have announced a joint investment of $325 million spread across three initiatives aimed at accelerating electric vehicle (EV) technologies, repairing chargers, and minimizing battery costs, according to a statement from the White House released on Friday.

The allocated funds for EV chargers will specifically target the repair and replacement of non-operational charging stations nationwide. Additionally, the initiative aims to reduce costs associated with deploying charging infrastructure in underserved communities and contribute to the overall reduction in battery costs, as highlighted in the official statement.

In a related development on Thursday, the U.S. government awarded nearly $150 million for projects spanning 20 states, focused on the repair or replacement of almost 4,500 existing electric vehicle charging ports. These initiatives fall under the larger umbrella of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program, funded by the $1 trillion 2021 infrastructure law.

Under the NEVI program guidelines, states are required to manage federally-funded charging ports for a minimum of five years, ensuring a 97% operational efficiency. The recent injection of funds underscores the nation’s commitment to expanding and enhancing electric vehicle infrastructure as part of broader efforts to promote sustainable transportation.