US. Sacramento wants to ban new petrol stations

The city of Sacramento is looking to keep new petrol stations from being built in the city. Existing stations will only be allowed to expand if they offer charging for electric vehicles. Specifically, petrol stations would have to provide DC chargers with at least 50 kW at a ratio of one charging station per new fuel nozzle.

The California capital is the latest to propose such a ban. According to the California Fuels and Convenience Alliance (CFCA), dozens of similar plans have been proposed or passed across the state. The group opposes the measure and has published a letter of opposition to the city.

The proposal is part of the 2040 Sacramento General Plan. “In 2040, the City of Sacramento will be a national model of sustainable, equitable growth and community development,” the city describes the latter in a vision statement.

The goal is to support the development of more attainable housing types and prioritize investments in underinvested neighbourhoods. But the city also wants to develop better strategies to adapt to the effects of climate change and create a healthier environment by reducing pollution.