US. This modular ‘pop-up solar canopy’ charges EVs off-grid

Meet PairTree – a solar-powered canopy that charges EVs off-grid – that’s made by US-based solar charging infrastructure manufacturer Paired Power.

PairTree, which started to roll out commercially late last year, is quick and easy to set up – it takes only about four hours – and its ballasted steel foundation fits right into a regular parking space. What sets it apart is its use of bifacial solar panels. These 4.6 kW units increase energy yield by up to 15% compared to traditional panels. This means that in practice, a PairTree unit’s performance rivals that of a 5.3 kW solar array.

PairTree features a UL 9450-listed lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system, offering a spectrum of daily ranges from 75 to 230 miles, depending on the capacity chosen. It can support either one or two Level 2 EV chargers.

The system works in temperatures ranging from -20F to 120F and is built to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

PairTree comes with the “Paired Powered” app so users can manage charging from their phone. Developed with EvGateway, the secure app also provides access to online support. Updates and diagnostics are conducted remotely on the EV chargers and solar.

As for the cost, Campbell, California-based Paired Power says PairTree’s price ranges from $28,000 to $78,000, depending on the battery size and how many chargers you need. Installation might add up to $5,000 more. But, thanks to a tax credit from the Inflation Reduction Act, buyers could get back 40% of their expenses.

In September 2023, Paired Power supplied a PairTree to be used by a Monarch electric tractor at California’s Kaerskov Vineyard and Carr Winery.