ASIA. LG Electronics Debuts Comprehensive EV Charging Lineup at EV Trend Korea

LG Electronics has made a significant foray into the electric vehicle (EV) charging market, unveiling its full array of EV charging solutions at EV Trend Korea, held at COEX in Seoul. This marks the company’s first comprehensive display of its EV charger lineup in Korea, encompassing a 7kW slow charger along with 100kW and 200kW fast chargers, each designed to cater to varying infrastructural needs, from residential to commercial spaces and charging stations.

The exhibition space, thoughtfully arranged into different sections, illustrates LG’s holistic approach to EV charging, demonstrating how each charger model is suited to specific environments. The 7kW charger, user-friendly with its touchscreen interface, offers flexibility in installation, available in both wall-mounted and stand-type variants. The 100kW and 200kW fast chargers are geared towards commercial and station use, respectively, showcasing features like dual-vehicle charging capabilities and a robust 24-inch display that provides real-time charging data and promotional content.

Highlighting the chargers’ resilience, LG underscores their operational stability in extreme temperatures ranging from -25 to +40 degrees Celsius, complemented by high ratings for water, dust, and impact resistance (IP65 and IK10). This durability ensures reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions, aligning with LG’s commitment to quality and technological excellence.

LG’s EV charging solutions, enriched by a cloud-based control system named ‘e-Centric,’ offer real-time power consumption monitoring, aligning with the latest in smart technology and energy management. The company’s strategy integrates these high-quality chargers with other LG products like signage and robots, providing a cohesive, technology-driven ecosystem for B2B clients.

CEO Cho Joo-wan’s vision for LG Electronics includes a significant emphasis on electrification, aiming to propel the company’s sales to KRW 100 trillion by 2030, with the EV charging sector poised as a key growth area. The commitment is further evidenced by the expansion of their manufacturing capabilities, including a new charger production facility in Texas, USA, and bolstering customer service resources within Korea to enhance support and accessibility for their EV charging products.

Seo Heung-gyu, the business manager of LG’s EV charging division, emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering customized charging solutions that leverage LG’s extensive manufacturing expertise and spatial understanding, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality, innovation, and user-centric design in their product offerings.

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