EUROPE. Fastned opens first shop at fast charging station between Antwerp and Breda

Fastned, the European fast charging company, today officially opened its very first shop and restaurant. The opening of the first shop is another step in Fastned’s development to make the charging experience even more enjoyable. The shop is located at Fastned’s fast charging station on the E19 between Antwerp and Breda near Brecht.

Fastned’s first shop stems from its mission to accelerate the transition to electric driving. Fastned wants to build more shops in the future and always offer its customers the best charging experience. This is not only about being able to charge the car as pleasantly and quickly as possible, but also about being able to relax, go to the toilet and get healthier products along the motorway. The sustainable vision is also reflected in the design of the shop through, for example, the use of sustainable building materials such as wood. The building is also very energy-efficient and partly generates its own energy with a heat pump and solar panels on the green roof.

When developing this shop, we put the traveller’s needs first. The shop is an oasis of light and calm, designed to offer visitors a moment of relaxation on comfortable lounge sofas in our ‘Greenhouse’. Here they can enjoy fresh Bocca coffee, use the washroom facilities or order a fresh meal in the restaurant while their vehicle is being charged.

Luuk Valk, Retail Development Manager

The shop’s range consists of products to suit the needs of current and future travellers. Valk: ”On the one hand, you have the familiar favourites that people are used to finding in a shop. We have also added new, sustainable and healthier options that fit well with Fastned’s values.”

The opening of the shop in Brecht not only marks a milestone for Fastned, but also serves as a valuable pilot location. Valk: “The lessons we learn here are going to help us develop future service stations, including the one in Gentbrugge where we will build charging stations with shops next year, along both sides of the E17 motorway.”

Service station of the future

The opening of the first Fastned shop and restaurant is an important step towards the ‘motorway service areas of the future’: motorway car parks with all facilities for electric drivers, with no supply of fossil fuels.

Fastned is on a mission to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Since 2012, we’ve been at the forefront of European charging infrastructure development, building and operating a rapidly growing network of iconic fast charging stations.

Our yellow, nature inspired stations create a welcoming environment for drivers during the 10-15 minutes it takes to charge up to 300 km of range. By offering Europe’s most reliable, convenient and joyful charging experience, we aim to inspire millions to drive on solar and wind energy so that together we can curb climate change. Fastned is listed at Euronext Amsterdam (AMS: FAST).