EUROPE. New charge point operator “electrip” joins Hubject’s intercharge network with ambitious plans to expand across Europe

Charge point operator (CPO) electrip, the fresh brand of the Electrip Global LTD focusing on EV charging and renewable energy solutions, announced today its partnership with Hubject, the world’s largest cross-provider charging network for electric vehicles. This EV roaming partnership means electrip’s charging stations are now compatible with hundreds of eMobility charging service providers across Europe, giving many more EV drivers the ability to seamlessly charge up at its stations.

The partnership started with Italy and is expected to expand to other European countries as and when electrip starts operating there, including France, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland and Turkey.   Apart from its EV charging business, electrip also focuses on energy efficiency that aims to make full use of digitalization and smart technologies.

electrip CEO İ. Sinan Ak said: “We are in an era of energy transition. As a state-of-the-art brand, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and protecting our planet. As part of this journey, we are aiming to become an influential enterprise in EV charging, energy efficiency and green business. Our partnership with Hubject is a major step to offering electric car drivers a seamless charging experience which is the most prominent factor motivating drivers to electric mobility. I believe we, together with Hubject, will expand this partnership to all the countries where we operate.”

Making the EV charging experience easy and accessible are top priorities for Hubject. CEO Christian Hahn commented: “We’re really pleased to welcome electrip into the intercharge CPO network. As a relatively new player in the European CPO market this is going to put electrip’s charging infrastructure on the map so that thousands of EV drivers can easily find and use their chargers. This is another step in the direction of making the EV charging experience as easy as possible wherever you are so that more people are encouraged to ditch their fossil fuel cars and switch to EVs.”