EUROPE. Plug&Charge certification for Switch’s Josev

Hubject, the world’s largest cross-provider charging network for electric vehicles, announces that Josev, the embedded charger OS of Switch, is now certified for Plug&Charge. EVSE manufactures and networks can now integrate Plug&Charge across hardware and networks quickly and at a competitive price.

Josev enables the integration of ISO 15118-2 and next-generation ISO 15118-20 features, which include bi-directional AC and DC power flow and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS).

Additionally, EV charging manufacturers will save considerable time on the Plug&Charge ISO 15118-2 certification process. Hubject certification can now be condensed into a single session, cutting weeks off the certification process.

This quicker and simpler Plug&Charge certification process also delivers reduced costs, with some of Josev’s customers already reporting savings of up to €10,000 (Source: Switch).

“Embedding the latest industry standards into our products to elevate the user experience and, thereby, increase the adoption of EVs is a vital part of the Switch DNA”, stated Switch’s founder and CEO, Dr. Marc Mültin. “Our goal is to help EV infrastructure developers create new revenue streams at pace. Over and above that, we’re excited to pass the time and cost savings on to our customers. Josev is easy to use and rock solid. It will allow them to expand their offerings quickly.”

Steffen Rhinow, Director Plug&Charge at Hubject, added: “Now that Josev is Plug&Charge certified, the charger OEMs who are its customers have a head start to becoming Hubject certified. This represents a big step forward for the industry which can now scale up more reliably and quicker than ever before.”