NORWAY. Heavy transport charging is now being built all over the country

NEW BATCH OF CHARGERS EXCLUSIVE TO HEAVY TRANSPORT: The chargers will be established from Tana bridge in the north to Bergen in the west and Kristiansand in the south.

Enova is stepping in with support for both the purchase of electric trucks and the establishment of charging points for heavy transport.

A number of Norwegian players are now receiving a total of NOK 47.5 million in support from Enova to establish new business chargers, Enova itself reports.

The support will contribute to increased purchase and use of heavier electric vehicles.

This is happening in parallel with Enova also speeding up the development of electric heavy transport by providing support for the purchase of electric trucks:

NOK 136 million from Enova to start more emission-free heavy transport:

“Now the restructuring is rolling

Large geographical spread

The chargers will be established from Tana bridge in the north to Bergen in the west and Kristiansand in the south.

The geographical spread of charging points shows that heavy electric vehicles are now being used throughout the country:

WHERE THEY END UP: This is the list of players who have received support from Enova for business chargers in the second application round in 2024. There are two application deadlines left before the offer for business charging ends: 15 August 2024 and 15 October 2024. More information about the support program can be found here.

One of the players that will establish new charging points is Sundbrei Transport AS in Ål.

“We are pleased with the support for new charging points, and can now consider ordering more electric vehicles. We have one vehicle on order now, and in the long term we hope to be able to phase in even more,” says general manager Finn Arne Sundbrei.

SATISFIED WITH SEVERAL CHARGING POINTS FOR TUNGTANPORTEN: From left Per Egil Sundbrei, co-owner and purchasing manager, and Sondre Sjong, driver. Photo: Norsk Scania AS

“In total, Enova has awarded support to more than 750 dedicated charging points at companies so far. The support for business chargers lasts until the end of 2024, so now all carriers must get around and submit an application before the last application deadline in October,” says Head of Land Transport, Marie Tranaas Skjærvik at Enova.