PORTUGAL. I-charging boosts the power for its models blueberry CLUSTER and PLUS, setting new industry standard!

I-charging, a leading provider of innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, is pleased to announce that the blueberry CLUSTER and the blueberry PLUS that had already an unmatchable power of up to 600 kW can now both be delivered with an increased power capacity of 900 kW. This groundbreaking advancement demonstrates i-charging’s commitment to anticipating market needs, offering unparalleled charging capabilities to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle users worldwide.

The demand for high-power charging solutions has surged with the exponential growth of the electric vehicle market. The blueberry CLUSTER and the blueberry PLUS set a new industry standard by offering a higher power capacity, providing a power output of 900 kW. Both versions of the blueberry family can be supplied with any total power in steps of 50 kW up to a maximum of 900 kW. The blueberry PLUS can charge 2 vehicles sharing the power between them with dynamic power allocation while the CLUSTER allows up to four vehicles to share the charger total power.

The CLUSTER when configured with at least 800 kW is a perfect solution for the German market as it can share the power between 4 outputs and still meet the 200 kW minimum requirement while allowing any output to reach any power up to 500 A output current. The PLUS with at least 400 kW and 2 outputs keeps being a very good solution for that requirement as well. Both are ideal for public charging as well as for fleet charging, as both have dynamic allocation and optimize the use of the available power while reducing the TCO and the total time to charge. Both have EICHRECHT module B and module D certifications including bank card direct payment option, are certified Plug&Charge by Hubject, and can accept any other payment means like RFID, APP or autocharge.

“At i-charging, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of EV charging technology to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions,” said Pedro Moreira da Silva, CEO of i-charging. “By anticipating market needs and pushing the boundaries of innovation, we continue reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the EV charging experience. The boost of the blueberry with 900 kW demonstrates our commitment to our mission to make EV charging faster, more convenient, and more accessible than ever before.”

The blueberry’s increased power capacity with the ability to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously at high speeds not only accelerates the charging process but also enhances convenience and efficiency for electric vehicle owners.

The enhanced blueberry CLUSTER and blueberry PLUS with 900 kW power capacity are now available and represent a significant milestone in i-charging’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the electric mobility sector.