SWEDEN. Milence Expands Electric Truck Charging Network in Sweden, Plans Further European Growth

Milence, the joint venture between Daimler Truck, the Traton Group, and the Volvo Group, is accelerating its efforts to establish a robust electric truck charging infrastructure across Europe. The venture has just unveiled its third charging hub in Sweden, enhancing coverage along the country's main logistics routes.

Located in Åstorp near the E4 highway, the new Milence electric truck charging facility initially features four CCS charging stations, each capable of delivering up to 400 kW. Plans are in place for an expansion to eleven charging stations in the second phase, with MCS chargers also set to be deployed. Positioned within a newly constructed logistics center in Helsingborg, near the E4 motorway, this strategic location provides crucial support for trucks traveling to Stockholm.

“We are proud to announce the opening of our third electric truck charging hub in Sweden, a significant milestone in our mission to facilitate the transition to sustainable transport solutions,” stated a Milence spokesperson.

Milence has outlined ambitious plans to incorporate Megawatt Charging System (MCS) chargers at the Åstorp hub, aiming for faster and more reliable charging once the technologyis available. The company is responding to the urgent need within the trucking industry to decarbonize operations, with Kempower also making strides in this direction by supplying its megawatt charging solutions to Hedin Supercharge in Linköping, Sweden.

The venture's expansion in Sweden follows recent announcements of its first and second electric truck charging parks, slated for Varberg and Malmo-Stockholm routes respectively. Additionally, a charging park in Vockerode, Germany, is set to open in July 2024, strategically positioned on the A9 motorway between Berlin and Leipzig. In France, Milence is progressing with its Perpignan site, scheduled to go online in September 2024, marking its second location in the country after Heudebouville in Normandy.

Milence is dedicated to establishing a reliable charging network for all battery-electric heavy-duty trucks and coaches, regardless of brand. With a target to have at least 1,700 high-performance charging points across Europe by 2027, the joint venture is poised to play a pivotal role in the electrification of commercial transport.