US. Brilliant Or Dumb? Electrify America Opens Indoor Charging Station

The station will open later this week in San Francisco and have 20 chargers as well as two lounge areas

Electric vehicle charging stations aren’t particularly interesting as many of them are simply a row of chargers built on the edge of a parking lot. However, Electrify America is now flipping the script with an indoor charging station.

Yes. You read that correctly, an indoor charging station. It’s slated to open on February 9 in San Francisco and provide charging spots for drivers visiting the South Market (SoMa) neighborhood.

While San Francisco sounds like an odd place for an indoor charging station, as snow and ice aren’t an issue, the city struggles with crime, homelessness, and a poop problem so bad there are maps showing the ‘hot spots.’

Electrify America didn’t mention any of the city’s issues, but noted the flagship location has “round-the-clock monitoring and security.” Of course, the real draw is twenty 350 kW DC fast chargers that can quickly replenish electric vehicles.

While the wait should be relatively short, visitors can relax in stylish, climate controlled lounges. There they can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi or grab a snack from a vending machine. The building also has a bathroom for those not interested in adding to the aforementioned map.

In effect, it’s a bit like a dealership service department but focused exclusively on charging. That might not sound glamorous, but it’ll give users a safe spot to recharge their EV.

Electrify America President and CEO, Robert Barrosa, said “We’re committed to making EVs accessible to all, particularly in dense urban areas like San Francisco. Our expertise in building over 250 stations in California and more than 900 in North America uniquely positions us to bring high-quality charging infrastructure directly into communities where people live and work and support EV adoption across the state.”