US. ChargePoint Releases an Enhanced Integrated Charging Experience for Fleets En-Route and At Home

Campbell, Calif., April 25, 2024—ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT), a leading provider of networked charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), announced today enhancements to its software offering which enables electric and mixed fuel fleets to find, use, and pay for charging from a single application, including seamless driver reimbursement when they charge their company EV at home.

“We continue to bring to market new, innovative solutions that enable a frictionless charging experience for EV drivers and fleet operators alike,” said Rich Mohr, SVP, Americas at ChargePoint. “We are committed to enabling an unmatched driver experience with solutions such as home charging reimbursement, while also giving our customers optimal fleet management tools to minimize total cost of ownership.”

Derived from the successful line of in-dash software solutions ChargePoint supplies to more than a dozen automotive manufacturers, the software is available to fleet operators in app format. Critically for larger fleet management companies, the option to integrate the technology into their existing branded fleet offering via ChargePoint’s open API is available.

To maximize the benefits of the enhanced software, organizations that manage take-home fleets can purchase ChargePoint’s Home Flex residential charging station for their drivers, enabling reimbursement for home charging. With this integration, company EV drivers can conveniently charge at home, eliminating the time and labor costs of stopping during the workday to fuel, and simultaneously reduce costs thanks to lower residential electricity rates. When a driver needs to charge on the road, the software enables access to more than 900,000 global charging locations1. An early partner integrating this ChargePoint technology within their own offering is fuel card provider WEX.

The software includes a comprehensive portfolio of solutions which enable fleet operators to gain enhanced insight and metrics into driver performance, including preferred pricing, proactive monitoring, and reporting. Comprehensive reports on charging activity, energy usage and costs help fleet operators identify opportunities for efficiency based on when and where their drivers charge.