US. Electrify America network in 47 US states by the end of 2023

According to the VW subsidiary, the North American charging network expanded in 2023, growing to over 900 stations across 47 US states, the District of Columbia, and six Canadian provinces. According to Electrify America, expanding into Hawaii and North Dakota was essential for growth, increasing the network’s total number of chargers to over 4,000.

Electrify America wants to expand even further in 2024, with plans to reach a network total of 5,000 DC fast-chargers by the end of the year, as well as opening larger charging stations to meet the demand for public DC fast charging and expanding Plug&Charge payment technology to support EV adoption.

Electrify America’s charging network expansion has taken several forms lately, with its first indoor fast-charging park opening in February and several major infrastructure expansions in states such as California and Utah. At the beginning of 2023, it also announced a charging partnership with TravelCenters of America. Just a few days ago, Electrify America also celebrated the sixth anniversary of its very first charging station.