US. EnviroSpark Secures $50 Million Investment, Targets Former Tesla Supercharger Team for Talent Acquisition

Atlanta-based EV charging company EnviroSpark has received a substantial $50 million investment from infrastructure equity investment firm Basalt Infrastructure Partners. This funding injection aims to fuel EnviroSpark's rapid expansion of its owned and operated EV charging network across the United States, drive technological innovation, and enhance the accessibility and sustainability of its EV infrastructure.

EnviroSpark is seizing the opportunity to recruit talent from the recently laid-off Tesla Supercharger team. Aaron Luque, EnviroSpark's cofounder and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about this talent acquisition opportunity, stating, “Tesla had been able to scale their charging infrastructure due in no small part to the talented employees on the Supercharger team. With the help of our recent investment from Basalt, we're looking to bring on as many of these highly skilled individuals as possible to achieve our ambitious growth objectives.”

Having already made a mark in the EV charging market with over 8,200 charging plugs across North America, EnviroSpark is well-positioned to drive EV adoption. The company has established strategic partnerships with RaceTrac, Waffle House, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Ford Dealerships, complementing its longstanding collaborations with Tesla, Volkswagen, Volta, and Starwood Capital Group.

EnviroSpark's partnerships extend to the federal government through the General Services Administration, aiming to advance commercial and government EV adoption. The company has also secured National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) awards in Georgia and Tennessee, further solidifying its commitment to driving sustainable transportation solutions.