US. Revel looks to use Tesla’s abandoned Supercharger sites in New York

Electric ride-hailing company Revel sees Tesla’s abandoned Supercharger projects in New York as an opportunity, as it considers whether it should build out its own charging stations at the already-powered sites.

After Tesla laid off Supercharging executives and their entire department last week, many plans for Supercharger sites have reportedly been abandoned, leaving room for other companies to step in. Revel has been building its first charging stations in recent months, and now the New York City-based company is in talks to take over four planned Supercharger sites, according to a report from Crain’s New York.

Across the four sites, Tesla was planning around 60 charging stalls total, and the news of Revel picking up the projects was officially confirmed by a spokesperson over the weekend.

“Tesla left some really nice sites on the table,” said Robert Familiar, a spokesperson for Revel. “They’re essentially ready to go. Those kinds of sites are super rare, and we are actively looking to pursue them.”

The Tesla-based ride-hailing service said the planned locations are perfectly in line with the company’s expansion goals, and crucially, the sites are also power-ready. Three of them are owned by real estate company Related Companies, while the fourth is owned by New York developer Wildflower.

Tesla’s Supercharger team layoffs also garnered a comment from Revel CEO Frank Reig, who noted in a post on LinkedIn that the news would come as a positive for Revel and other charging station operators.

“While I still don’t see how it’s good for Tesla, letting go of the supercharger team is great for the rest of the industry,” Reig wrote in the post. “They’ve burned landlord relationships. They’ve ceded market share. They’ve freed up top talent. Revel has already added several new charging sites to our NYC pipeline and is interviewing multiple candidates for key positions.”

“Revel and every other charging operator gained a significant tailwind this week.”