US. SK Signet to supply EV fast chargers in Ohio

SK Signet Inc., South Korea’s electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturer, announced on Thursday that it will supply fast chargers to the site of the EV charging station under construction in Ohio by Francis Energy, the fourth-largest fast-charging operator in the US.

The first fast charger from SK Signet that meets the standards will be installed at this charging station, which is receiving subsidies from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program of the US government.

To receive subsidies from the NEVI program, it’s a mandatory condition to have production within the US, SK Signet’s Texas factory entered mass production in July last year, producing 10,000 fast chargers annually.

The fast chargers from SK Signet supplied to this Ohio station are 400 kilowatts (kW) and can fully charge within 18 minutes, featuring an efficient design that meets NEVI standards.

In July last year, SK Signet signed a long-term contract with Francis Energy to supply a minimum of 1,000 units or more of 400-kW fast chargers for five years until 2027.