What’s the standout feature of L-Charge chargers?

The ability to convert natural gas operations to 100% hydrogen.

Upgrading charging stations to generate electricity from hydrogen is essential on the road to net-zero CO2 emissions.

It means that our autonomous charging stations can produce electricity in a 100% eco-friendly way.

What else should you know:

1. With 100% H2 chargers, zero CO2 is released.
2. Methane chargers release three times less CO2 per 100 km of charge than diesel cars.
3. Chargers can use a H2/CH4 mixture to produce fewer carbon emissions.
4. Our mobile electric charger is a mini power station that enables super-fast EV charging. Charging one car up to 80% takes just 10-20 minutes. Meanwhile, one mobile station can charge an average of 25 electric vehicles per day before requiring fuel replenishment.

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