Car manufactu-rers

Despite the explosion in EVs sales, car manufacturers face many problems preventing further promotion of this kind of transport. Due to that, many car owners around the globe are still reluctant to switch over to EVs.

One of the reasons for rejection to switch over to electric vehicles is the lack or poor development of charging infrastructure. Moreover, high initial cost of such vehicles is also a significant argument.

Other arguments include: low drive range, excessive consumption on highways, competitive weakness against ICE analogues. Another particular problem consists in non-availability of quick charge for heavy electrical vehicles, as well as for electric trucks.
L-Charge products are able to eliminate most of the vehicle owners' pains, and, hence, solve the problems of car makers. For example, use of the company's charging stations will, thanks to lower charging costs against petrol, countervail the high cost of vehicles.

Furthermore, L-Charge may act as partner in creation of charging infrastructure for vehicles of a particular make.

Our company's mobile charging station will make EV's drive range factor less important, just because your vehicle could be recharged promptly, and simply anywhere.
Besides, permanent charging stations can be installed at any point on your route, apart from power grids.

Another issue that is worth noting is our solutions' versatility, as our charging stations capacity is well enough even for heavy vehicles, say, for electric trucks. Ultimately, L-Charge solutions will contribute to competitive advantage of EVs, by making their purchase much more attractive.


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