City Authorities

Electrification of motor transport also poses a challenge to the city authorities. After all, they need to promote EVs, at the same time solving the problems caused by lack of charging infrastructure.
In this connection, they are under pressure from both the society and eco-activists, as well as car makers. However, city authorities are unable to solve that problem promptly due to limited capacity of the existing power grids, lengthy term of approval and construction of charging stations.

L-Charge provides eco-friendly high-power solution with an option of prompt installation of charging stations apart from power grids. At the same time, L-Charge solutions may satisfy various demands.
For example, stationary power plants providing simultaneous charging to a large number of EVs in a short time are ideal for car fleets and large in-city car parks. Also there are mobile charging stations suitable for prompt recharging of urban motor-vehicle transport at any time, anywhere.


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