(logistical, transportation companies)

Apart from private sector, electrification of fleet owners which include logistical and transportation companies is another logical step in development of EVs market.

Yet EV trucks are still more expensive than their ICE analogs, replacing own truck fleet with EVs would, apart from cutting down fuel expenses, also allow to avoid the increasing tax pressure imposed on ICE vehicles by controllers. Furthermore, that would contribute to positive environmental impact, boosting your goodwill. However, replacing own truck fleet with EVs, fleet owners may face certain problems related to charging infrastructure.

For example, charging time reduces electric truck's performance index: it simply cannot work during the charging. That is, charging time is money loss time. Other factors that also must be taken into account: time of arrival to the base and charging time, against ICE trucks which can drive to the nearest petrol station if necessary. L-Charge solutions can help fleet owners develop the network of EV trucks.
Installing a permanent charging station would provide for simultaneous charging of several vehicles, and on the jump. Also, charging is cheaper than fuelling, and the company's charging stations are far more environmentally friendly than petrol stations and some charging network solutions.

High cost of EV trucks is countervailed by lower charging costs. Creation of own electric charging hubs/infrastructure based on L-Charge solutions would become a timesaving benefit for logistical and transportation companies, allowing them to optimize logistical operations and eventually boost their profits.


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